B&O Construction started business as a small residential/commercial GC specializing in renovations, and framing construction throughout Washington and Idaho. Our operations included numerous projects working as a subcontractor for larger GC's. Also as specialty Contractors Performing projects for Schools, the Military, and other Government Facilities, both federal and State.

       In 2014 we expanded our operations to focus more on those types of projects and developing our reputation as the go to subcontractor for several larger JOC and National Contractors. This growth provided B&O with the opportunity to expand into the Pre-Engineered building sector, teaming with Rigid Global out of Houston, Texas to provide top quality steel structures. Though we have been expanding our operations we are still providing the quality construction work for both residential and commercial customers where our reputation has been earned.

      B&O's future is bright with development of its 2nd Generation in both Management and Field Operations. Continuing to provide opportunity for growth and development to this generation has and will continue to provide the knowledge and expertise for successful projects now and into the future. 

ID Licence: RCE-9720

WA Licence: CC BOCONOC948R1